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The Therapon Institute offers five different programs for biblical counseling

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Certified Belief Therapist (CBT)


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Full Curriculum (Distance-Ed) - $290

The CD Series 

The course of study includes a workbook, the CD series and the textbook series.

The Meaning of Therapon - Dr. Paul Carlin


The Lie vs. Truth - Dr. Paul Carlin   

The Source of Destructive Behavior 

- Dr. Paul Carlin

The Course of Destructive Behavior 

- Dr. Paul Carlin


Problematic Thinking 

- Dr. Paul Carlin

 Ethics - Dr. Paul Carlin

 The Counseling Cycle - Dr. Paul Carlin

 Relapse Dynamics - Dr. Paul Carlin

The Textbook Series

Change Your Beliefs … Change Your Life - Dr. Paul Carlin

 The Lies We Believe - Dr. Chris Thurman

 Mastering Life Through Belief Therapy  

 - Dr. Paul Carlin

 Telling Yourself The Truth

 - Dr. William Backus & Dr. Marie Chapman


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Licensed Belief Therapist (LBT)


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Therapon only certifies and licenses in our nationally registered counseling model, Belief Therapy. (R) CBT and/or LBT credentials are not state credentials.

Course Prerequisite: Completion of the Certified Belief Therapist core curriculum. The LBT course is advanced Belief Therapy training. The CBT core curriculum is the foundation upon which Therapon’s counseling model is built. The LBT curriculum expands on the basic CBT curriculum.

Method of Study: The LBT curriculum is completed through distance-ed learning. 

Tuition: Tuition is $610 for the complete LBT course. A student receives all five textbooks and workbooks at one time. Only one book is in a published format. The remaining four texts are in 8 1/2 x 11 manuscript form bound by three ring binders or coil binding. Therefore, we require the full tuition be paid upon enrollment. You may pay by check, Master Card, or Visa to finance tuition.

Accountability: You may return your completed workbooks for grading upon completion of all five required subjects. You retain your textbooks. They contain a wealth of Biblical counseling information. When you have completed all of the assignments, Therapon then grades your work and issues you a numbered Licensed Belief Therapist (LBT) certificate immediately. Therapon returns your graded workbooks with your license.

Full Curriculum (Distance-Ed) - $610

Christ Centered Counseling 

Dr. Solomon, author of the textbook, is considered to be the father of the Exchange Life discipleship model and Scripturotherapy. Included in this assignment are basic, fundamental, powerful applications of profound Biblical truths that include The Simplified Model of Man, Scripturotherapy in Process and Succeeding Interviews.

Character Builder 400 

Character flaws are often the roots of many emotional and spiritual problems. Very often troubled Christians are having problems with value issues. Value modification is best accomplished through the application of Biblical truth. In this study you will explore an extensive study of 26 character traits in the light of the Bible. Your textbook for this workbook is the Bible

Biblical Keys to Counseling Issues 

A Biblical look into 20 most often addressed, life-controlling problems such as: anger, dysfunctional families, depression, habits, fear, acceptance, unforgiveness, restoration conflict resolution and homosexuality. 

Satan and the Saint 

Many emotional and spiritual problems Christians experience are rooted in spiritual warfare. This study considers such issues as things Christians can do to themselves that they blame on the Devil, things Christians do to each other, what the devil can do to a Christian and things a Christian can lose. 

The 12 Keys To Developing and Maintaining Mature Relationships

All of life is a relationship. Salvation is a relationship. Marriage, parenting, church, work, sports, school and even ministry, depends upon mature Christian relationships. This study will give the student solid foundational Biblical truth for developing and maintaining mature relationships. Taken from Romans 12: 9-21, you will learn 12 Biblical keys that never fail. 


Certified Reentry Crisis Counselor (CRCC)


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Course includes paperback book and a workbook.

CRCC Is The Missing Link In The Reduction of Prison Recidivism!

The only book on the subject in print!

Insight for concerned prison ministry volunteers, professionals and paraprofessionals on how to prevent parole relapse.

CRCC is the component that has been missing in the field of restorative justice ministry and reentry recovery. 

Table of Contents

Introduction To Reentry Crisis Counseling

Reentry Crisis Counseling

Crisis Intervention Counseling

The Prison Environmental Scenario

Barriers To Reentry

The Root of the Reentry Problem

Symptoms of Reentry Crises

Causes or Triggers of Reentry Crises

Insight for Reentry Crisis Counseling

The 8 Core Conditions for a Reentry Crisis Counselor

The Spiritual Dynamics of Reentry Crisis Counseling

The Addendum - Including The RCC Process & 9 Beautiful Four-Color Teaching Charts

Pastoral Licensed Counselor (PLC)


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Only available In-House 

For more information please call!

(504) 328-2249

Purpose of the Pastoral Counselor Licensure Program

To establish a framework for a supportive community of God-called, Christian, faith-based, paraprofessional, pastoral, chaplaincy and ministry caregivers who will provide a caring ministry to empower their membership and those who choose to come to them for help, through endorsement, validation, recognition and mutual accountability toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

To equip ministers with non-clinical, Biblical training that can be used to promote holistic congregational health through treatment and recovery methods such as Belief Therapy, prayer, moral guidance, value modification, spiritual counseling and Scriptural studies.


Certified Youth Behavioral Advisor (CYBA)


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Full Curriculum (Distance-Ed) - $195

Manual, CDs, Program Disk & Workbook 

A training program focusing on how to evaluate and deal with at-risk adolescents. Help teenagers understand themselves and the dynamics that negatively influence them. Eight CDs from Jane Harber, LBT taking each participant through the workbook. Contains a training manual with instruction in how to administer this program to troubled youth and a CD with the full program content.

Quit Digging!

A lifeline of hope for troubled teens

Table of Contents

The most deadly four-letter word

Discovering the real “you”

Core beliefs inventory

Who influenced you? 

It’s all in your mind

Identifying thinking habits

Breaking free from bondage

Overcoming your past